Central Art Car Exhibit and Celebration
Aug. 30th,31st & Sept. 1st, 2008
TThe Central ART CAR Exhibit & Celebration
would like to thank everyone that took part in art,
making this year's 8th annual event and 1st annual "Salute to the Labor of ART"- Parade possible!
With collaboration great thing's will happen!
For more info./ registries/ souvenirs/ sponsorships/PAL's ART CAR'S/ & or ART CARS at your event. Contact us ASAP.
May the Power of Creativity be with you!
Your hosts-
for information contact Peter Lochren
at pal_2000@hotmail.com
or call 402-344-8061

1715 Bancroft St.
Omaha, NE 68108

2007 People's Choice Award Winners
1st place: "Da Kuntry Pedlur" Rich & Pam Molden; Bellevue, NE
2nd place: "Chewbaru" Rex Rosenberg; Great Bend, KS
3rd place: "Ecto-1c" Jason Skoby; St. Paul, MN

ART CAR Coloring Contest Winner's:
1st place: Abby-age 9/ Omaha, NE
2nd place: Isabela-age 6/ Omaha, NE