MARV members visit Paul Bunyan Land for a last hurrah.
Brainard, MN -8/23/2003
Justin and Olivia pay the chicken to play tic tack toe.
A giant Babe the Blue Ox is there to greet you.
See, I told you we had great parking spaces. A good time was had by all!
Paul is a giant moving puppet who winks, waves, and talks to you. Unknown to children, their names are piped up to the operator as you go in the front entrance. More than one kid has been entranced and perhaps horrified that this giant knows their name and where their from!
This was a miserable ride on a 95 degree day. It didn't really do anything but it was sure awful and stuffy in there.
Something you don't see too much anymore, chickens playing baseball.
The park is now being torn down, Paul and Babe were moved to a new location.
2 hours north and we are in Brainerd MN, we made it!
Here we are. They gave us premier illegal parking spots in front of the building.
Artcars we found on the way-
But first a stop at Krispy Kreme!
Dave and Jan ham it up as Paul and his other babe.
We made this pilgrimage to see Paul one last time. Since before we were all kids Paul Bunyan Land has been an institution up here.
Jan won this time, the chicken was not amused.
Top row- Max, Riley, Kat, Jill, Avram, Sandy and Dave
Bottom row- Maddy, Greg, Mina, Justin, Olivia, Jan and Jane
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